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Robinson Falls and My Bad Luck

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Travel photography isn't always just about the photos you walk away with. It's about the adventure and how you got there. Two weeks ago when I went out to shoot wasn't much different in terms of luck for me. I had planned on an simple drive to Ohio for a quick shoot of the beautiful Corkscrew falls, but fate had different plans.

It all started when I was about an hour and a half into my trip. My truck started jerking around and my check engine light came on. I pulled off of an emergency exit and contemplated just heading back home and hoping my truck didn't explode. Good thing I didn't though, because it wasn't super serious. I stopped at a few shops asking if they could fix it ASAP, but basically everywhere was packed. I guess in Ohio, everyone fixes their cars on a Wednesday at 9am. There's actually nothing worse than being stuck somewhere you're not totally familiar with with car troubles, but thankfully I found the absolute best AMCO and they were so helpful. I have never had such a great experience with a mechanic before. I can't credit them enough. The manager, Russ, was even nice enough to show me around the town I was in. Zanesville has a pretty interesting history and it was great to hear it all from the perspective of someone who grew up there and knew all the intricacies of the town. So huge shout out to Russ and all the guys at AMCO. My truck rides like a champ now and I'm really glad I broke down in your town!

The fun wasn't over yet though! I eventually arrived at the Corkscrew Falls (technically it is called Robinson Falls but before that everyone called it Corkscrew Falls, so I'm going to keep calling it that) where I decided to make the mistake of going past the roped off section in hopes to snag a better picture (DON'T TRY THIS, AS YOU'LL SEE, THE PARK RANGERS ARE BASICALLY NINJAS). This was of course, exactly when a ranger decided to show up so I got yelled at. He said he watched me walk up to the water, and then let me set up my tripod before telling me to pack it up, which was pretty funny. I couldn't believe I didn't hear him. I apologized and he let me go with a warning. Thankfully the guy was super nice and friendly. Even though he stopped me from getting some truly epic shots, I am glad I got to meet him. Apparently you can have your permit privilege permanently revoked if you break the rules like that. Turns out he was the same guy who issued me my permit, so that was pretty funny. I really appreciate park rangers like this, because they recognize the urge to get a great picture and don't get overly upset.

I still got some pretty sweet pictures of the falls, and I had great light as well. I guess it was all worth it in the end.

Nothing else eventful really happened that day, I just wanted to share that and the few pictures I took fo the waterfall. It's definitely worth visiting, especially since it's also located super close to Hocking Hills.

If you do consider going, please just follow the rules and make sure you get that permit via the Ohio DCNR page!

So yeah, that's about it. Just a quick little wrap up and update. I'll be in Arizona and Utah all next week so be on the look out for some cool reviews and photos from out that way!



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