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Colorado Trip : Wrap Up

Okay, so I took a little break from writing these Colorado blogs. I realize that it gets kind of boring reading the day to day stuff from trips like this, so from now on, I'm just going to do a highlight blog and then I'll share other experiences as I see fit. I'd also like to do photography location reviews instead of putting extra time into writing the daily stuff. Seems to make more sense from an interesting content perspective.

Anyways, here's the highlights from the last couple days of the trip, days 6-8.

Even though I somehow got drunk off some margaritas and a beer, I managed to get up early enough for breakfast on the 6th day of our trip. It's good that I did, because the breakfast we had was pretty amazing. I ate a ton of food and managed to make myself feel more sick than when I first woke up hungover. Not much more happened in aspen, as we had to get going. We had a long drive ahead of us, since we had to change our plans around.

We changed our plans around and landed on Great Sand Dunes National Park. Although it was a little out of the way, the drive was amazing (I didn't get any pictures because I have to drive everywhere). I still can't really believe that this park even existed. The drive there is so surreal, and even once we got there, I felt like the dunes didn't belong there. This is definitely one place I would highly recommend everyone visit at least once.

While we were at the dunes, we had some crazy weather. we never actually got stormed on, but we saw some wicked clouds. Luckily taking pictures always takes precedence over our safety

Later that night after a long day of emptying our shoes of sand, we made the long drive to Colorado Springs.

We woke up pretty late in Colorado Springs. I'm guessing that was either from all the driving or being exhausted from the day before (we're out of shape, don't judge). The hotel we were staying at, Academy Hotel, was totally incredible. We had an amazing breakfast and the place just looks crazy. I couldn't recommend this place enough. If you're ever visiting Colorado Springs, you HAVE to stay here.

The rest of the day we spend walking around Manitou looking for gifts and just enjoying the fresh air. Manitou is a really cool area and I feel like I never hear anyone talk about it. Definitely worth visiting and there's some awesome places to eat too!

The only thing I wanted to do photography wise was shoot a sunset over Garden of the Gods, so later that night we headed up there and set up shop. Unfortunately, we didn't get very good light, but I managed to still grab an image I'm happy with. The picture doesn't do this place justice though. It's such a surreal place and it's smack dab in the middle of town. It feels so out of place and magical. Plus there's a lot of rock climbing that goes on there, so if you're into that, then this is the place for you.

When we were setting up to take this shot, we watched a guy climb up the rocks to the left of the image. It looked like so much fun until I remembered I'm terrified of heights.

The last day of our trip may have been the most depressing day, and also the craziest all in one fun little package. We basically spend the entire day cleaning out our rental car, moving from one hotel to another (boring airport hotel, I'll spare you the details), and talking to a crazy lady. Yep, our trip ended on a high note. For some reason, Lauren was insisting we go to Panda Express in the airport for dinner (keep in mind, we were flying out the next morning, so this was an unwarranted trip to the airport). I think it was destiny that we went there honestly, because as we were sitting in the airport about to eat our Panda Express (seriously, can you picture a more sad ending to a trip??) a lady approached us and asked about my Penguins hat. She seemed pretty normal at first, asking me questions about hockey and telling us how her favorite team was the Kings. The conversation quickly turned though, as she started talking about how the entire sport is rigged and she knows a lot of players and refs and has the "inside scoop" of what's going on. She then proceeded to tell us the Denver Airport is ran by nazi-illuminati who have murals of children dying and that there's triangles all over the airport because, Illuminati, duh. She probably spent 45 minutes talking to us, while our sad dinner got cold. I'm not mad about it though, because it was the greatest conversation of my entire life. She also told us that the people in Colorado are evil and chase people out, which from my experience, couldn't be more incorrect. Everyone we met in Colorado was so friendly and inviting it instantly felt like home, and that's what you really look for when you travel. You don't want to feel like an outcast, you want to feel like you're apart of the place you're visiting.

So with that, I bid Colorado adieu. It's been an incredible experience and I know for sure it won't be the last. And despite the famous last words from that Kings fan, I still feel compelled to move there. I guess I just gotta watch out for the horse statue out front, since it's demonic and evil (the only truth I can find in anything she told us was that that statue actually did kill it's creator, so RIP me).

Seriously though, thank you Colorado, I'll be back and I love you.

And if you made it all the way to the end of this journey, I just want to say thank you for all the support, you're the best, and be on the lookout for a lot of adventures from me. Iceland is coming up in September and there's another special trip I have in store for you all. Make sure you subscribe to my website if you haven't already and I'll talk to you next time!



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