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Colorado Day 5 : High Rollers In Aspen

May 8th. 2018

*After writing this one, I just want to come back to the beginning to emphasize this. Lauren, you're very beautiful and you totally don't want to continue reading. This ones really boring anyways; definitely not worth reading*

Another day, another cloudy morning. Today we woke up to rain, which died down around 9ish. Sadly, we had to pack the car up today and leave RMNP. It was depressing to leave our little motel, but we are excited for the drive and Aspen.

On our way to Aspen, we got to drive past some beautiful spots, including a giant canyon which felt less like Colorado and more like another world. Unfortunately I was driving and wasn't able to snag any pictures. So just close your eyes for a second and imagine the movie "Avatar" but with less flying dragons and more semi-trucks.

The drive to Aspen was accompanied by a pit stop at Glenwood Springs to take a peak at the hot springs and to drop off our rental car for a new one (our check engine light came on yesterday). The springs were a total bust in my opinion. I had high hopes that they were a natural hot spring (I didn't do any research at all, go figure), but it ended up being a swimming pool filled with water from a hot spring. So it didn't really seem worth it to me.

We then attempted to drop off our car, but were told it was a mistake from the last service the car had and it was fine. So we are still rocking the Durango for now, until it explodes on us.

Not much happened besides a long drive with beautiful views from there until Aspen.

We eventually arrived at our hotel, Hotel Aspen. We were surprised at first by it's weird location and looks, but it ended up being a great hotel. We had a 6 pack of beer in our fridge when we arrived, and a hot tub out on our back deck with a view of the mountains. Unfortunately there was zero snow and the mountain views were pretty dull to say the least. The room was really nice though, and if you really want a tour of it, you can check out my instagram (evan_nowak_) and watch my highlight video where I did one of my patented guided tours.

Please don't be mad at me for posting this Lauren. Please don't be mad at me for posting this Lauren. Please don't be mad at me for posting this Lauren. Please don't be mad at me for posting this Lauren. Please don't be mad at me for posting this Lauren.

After we settled in a bit, we decided to go for a walk around Aspen. If you're poor like us, you probably won't find much here. It's basically all Gucci and Prada stuff, and whatever else you and I cannot afford. We did however see Peter Lik's gallery which was cool.

We stopped in a local store (I completely forget the name of it) that had all local artist creations for purchase. We both ended up getting ourselves some metal straws so we can start saving the environment. PSA STOP BUYING DRINKS WITH STRAWS. GET YOURSELF A REUSABLE STRAW AND DO YOUR PART.

After some walking, we decided it was time to eat, so we went back to our hotel and asked the front desk where they recommend. His recommendation was The White House, which sounded out of our price range, but whatever, we are on vacation. Our suspicions were confirmed once we got there and ordered food. This place was very expensive. Lauren had a salad, and I had an au ju sandwich. That, along with two margaritas was over 100$. So if you're looking for a cheap bite to eat, I would not recommend going there. That being said, if you want delicious food and don't mind spending some cash, go here. My sandwich was amazing, and so was Lauren's salad. Just talking about it is making me crave it again, but alas my bank account runneth dry. I also managed to not snap one good pic of our food, mostly because the margaritas (still riding that cinco de mayo kick) we had were pure alcohol and I got drunk from one drink. After looking through my phone, I did happen to find one picture from the restaurant, but I know someone won't be happy if I post it. Anyways, here's that picture!

Sorry Lauren, I think you look cute though! Also, in totally unrelated news, if I happen to go missing, it was Lauren that did it.

The rest of the night we spent sobering up from the margaritas, and relaxing in the hot tub. We tried to drink some of the beer we were given, but it was all IPA's and neither myself or Lauren are IPA fans. Sorry IPA lovers. At one point, I got to experience something amazing. Lauren, in a drunken stupor stood up to go to the bathroom, and ran right into the glass sliding door. It was a top 10 best moments in Colorado for me. Unfortunately, karma bites back really fast. While she was in the bathroom, I checked our route to Maroon Bells tomorrow only to find out that the road is still closed due to excess snow. So I guess we'll just call this one all even (Lauren 3 Evan 3).

Tomorrows plans are changing, so stay tuned for a wild ride. Can't wait for it!


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