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Colorado Day 1 : Lauren makes a mistake

May 4th, 2018

I’ve been waiting over a year to go to Colorado. Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you how annoyingly obsessed I’ve been. It’s where I’d like to eventually live, so it’s a pretty big deal to me.

Things kicked of nicely with a leisurely drive to the Pittsburgh Airport. Lauren managed to set the tone super early by walking into the mens room at the airport and got yelled at by a guy who was using the correct bathroom. I knew at that point this trip was going to be awesome.

The bad news is we arrived at our gate with almost 2 hours to spare. Lauren likes to make sure we have plenty of time to eat, sleep, peruse the airport, and buy Christmas gifts before our flight.

The good news is, we got to grab a beer. The even better news was we met a really nice guy named Shane, who happened to also live right in my neighborhood. We talked to him a bit, exchanged contact information and he paid for our beers. Shout out to Shane for being such a great guy, and for paying for those beers.

Im not a good writer, but I can tell you that drinking those beers was foreshadowing a disastrous event. I was feeling pretty good when we boarded our plane. I was feeling good when we sat down. I was feeling good when we took off. The second we reached cruising altitude though, it hit me. I had to pee. But not just a normal pee. That type of pee where you forcefully have to hold it. Of course there was a ton of turbulence though, and Lauren refused to let me get up until we were cleared to. Eventually, the lady sitting next to her asked me what was wrong, because apparently I don’t have a good “I have to pee” poker face. She said she would let me up and it wasn’t a big deal that the seatbelt light was still on, and I ran to the bathroom. The flight attendant told me it was fine too, so Evan 1 Lauren 0.

When I returned to my seat, Lauren was gossiping with the lady and we ended up chatting for a good bit of the flight. She was really nice and talked about Hawaii so I think I want to go there soon.

It didn't look like Colorado, but it was.

We landed at the Denver airport and quickly grabbed our rental car for the week and headed to Boulder. Not much happened during this time, except we got a free car upgrade to a pimped out Dodge Durango.

Before we settled down for the night, we went and walked around a little shopping center in Boulder (I’m not sure what it’s called) and ended up eating dinner at Taco Junky. We wanted to pregame for Cinco De Mayo, and figured that was the place to do it. We got some delicious nachos with a spicy salsa, queso, and guac, and also a boatload of tacos. I basically blacked out and went primal on those tacos, so I didn’t take any pictures of anything. Rest assured though, it was delicious and you should go there. Although, I don’t recommend going late at night, there were a ton of college kids making bad decisions and what not. Which officially marks the oldest thing I’ve ever said ever.

We stayed at a nice little motel that night called Foot of the Mountain Motel. If you’re ever staying in Boulder, I highly recommend it. It’s a tiny motel hidden on Arapahoe ave, and Lauren says (without me fact checking any of it) that it was a motel used during the gold rush. We stayed in room 18 which apparently was a carport for room 17 at one point. The floor had rocks lined along the base and it was really cozy in there. There’s also a beehive on the property where the bees are supposed to be “friendly” whatever that could possibly mean when pertaining to bees. If you’re looking for a cool little place to stay that’s not smack-dab in the middle of Boulder, then this is definitely your spot.

*Addendum - After Lauren heard that I mentioned her "facts" on the blog, she googled it and in fact was wrong. It was actually built in the 1930's. Evan 2 Lauren 0.*

The place is super tiny, but it's got a cool charm to it.

We eventually passed out that night, anticipating catching some awesome light at the Flatirons.

This is foreshadowing at it’s finest folks.

Check out tomorrows blog to see how day 2 of our Colorado trip went!


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