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National Park Passports

A week or so ago, my girlfriend told her uncle about our upcoming trip to Colorado. After hearing that we would be visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, he asked if we had a National Park Passport. He explained what it was, and we instantly went out and bought them for ourselves.

I recently posted a story on instagram and got some feedback wondering what they were for. So, I decided to make a quick blog explaining.

You can find them online for roughly 20 dollars. I got mine from Amazon (link).

First and foremost, I have not used these yet. I just received them in the mail today.

Anyways, you take these passports to any national park or national monument and buy a stamp for the location you're at. You can also buy the stamp sheets online, but I figured it would be more fun to get them as we go. From what I can tell, all the proceeds for the stamps go to the park, so you can sleep well knowing you basically paid for future generations to enjoy Americas National Parks.

Once you get your location stamp, you get a passport cancellation stamp for that park you're at, which includes the date you visited. It looks like there's enough room for multiple cancellation stamps too, incase you plan on visiting multiple times.

As well as providing a place for the stamp, and cancellation stamps, it also gives some cool information on the location/region.

The passport books also include a good bit of space at the end for additional cancellation stamps, incase new national parks or monuments are created. The book I bought also came with a national park map, which shows you the locations of all the national parks in America!

I really love things like this. It feels like the adult version of Pokemon and I just want to collect all of the locations. Seriously though, this gives me a ton of motivation to get out there and go see these places for myself. If you want to snag your own, click that link I provided above and buy one. it's only 20$.

And as always, GO PENS!


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