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Brendan van Son Pittsburgh Meet Up

First off, I haven't written a blog post in who knows how long. There's a lot to catch up on. I want to get back into a habit of writing semi-regularly.

We'll see if that actually pans out or not, but for now I want to write a little post about a meet up I did this past weekend.

On Sunday (Feb 11th, 2018) I went to a meet up in Pittsburgh arranged by one of my favorite travel photographers, and to shoot a city skyline. (I've lived in Pittsburgh my entire life and have never shot the city one time, which I need to do more now).

Side note, I'm a photographer, so when I say shoot, I mean photograph. Not gun violence. I just re-read that first part and it sounded like I was writing a manifesto or something.

Anyways, Brendan van Son (@brendanvanson) is doing a crazy cross country drive and a bunch of meet ups along the way. One of the cities he decided to stop at was Pittsburgh, so I had to go. The guy is a total legend, and I'm a huge fan of his work. The plan was to meet up at, and shoot the incline. We all met right around 6:30 (I was on time!) and Brendan showed up a little after we all got there.

First impressions, he seemed cool and normal. He did tell me he was a Montreal fan, so he lost some points there from me as a Pens fan. He is Canadian though, so I let it slide.

Since the incline doesn't open until 7, we decided to book it to the Grandview overlook. It's maybe a block away so it wasn't too bad of a walk. We set up and all talked and it seemed really normal. Keep in mine I was certain this was going to be super awkward and no one was going to show (there was 5 of us including me), but it was actually a ton of fun. Everyone was friendly and I got to properly meet my buddy Matt (@matt_krah) who I had originally met through Instagram. Check him out, his stuff is awesome.

It was still dark out and super foggy, so we waited a bit there for a good shot.

I snagged this photograph up there, and it's definitely my favorite from the meet up.

After shooting (and almost slipping on ice 300 times) we packed back up and headed to the incline.

At this point I realized I had an issue. My tripod (Manfrotto Be Free Advanced) was a little bit too short to see over the incline fence.

I was already happy with the picture I had gotten, so I figured I would just try my best and whatever happened, happened.

What I ended up with was a shot of the city, with a nice fence in the foreground ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here's the photo.

I managed to somehow not capture the incline, but a barge passing under the bridge instead. I'll take it.

That's it. I really only took 2 images. I figured since I couldn't see over the fence, it wouldn't make much sense to try to make the incline a focal point. If you do want to see a shot of the city with the incline, check out Brendan's Instagram page. He captured it perfectly.

After shooting, we hung out a bit and talked, but Brendan had to start his drive to Chicago (dude runs on zero sleep). So I went straight home and passed out until 1pm. Whoops.

All in all, it was cool to get the chance to shoot with someone I am inspired by and see his behind the scenes stuff. Brendan was a really cool guy and I hope he comes back to Pittsburgh and does another meet up.

Also, shout out to everyone else who came out, it was cool to meet you guys and talk and have some laughs.

I realize this blog is a short one, but there will be more to come. I'm ramping it up big time this year.

I'll end the blog with this, a selfie of all of us on the incline. I'm not sure what kind of face I was making but Lauren says I make it all the time. It must be genetic or something. So I'm sorry I look like that to everyone who deals with me on a day to day basis.

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